The classes module allows for you to easily view your class schedule, view more information about the classes you are enrolled in, and even add your schedule to your calendar. You can aslo calculate your GPA and view testing center information in this module.

Connecting MyState to your classes

You can connect the app to your classes by clicking the 'Get started' button. This button will take you to Iowa State’s website for you to login with your netID and password. Once you login, you will be able to view your schedule by clicking on My Classes.

Checking status of the testing centers

You can check the status of the testing centers by clicking on the testing centers tab. From here, you can view the times and other details of a specific testing center by clicking on the testing center.

Using the GPA calculator

The GPA calculator is used to calculate your expected GPA from either your current semester and can even be used to estimate your overall GPA. The class schedule automatically populates if you connect the app to your classes (see above). If you would like to add classes without connecting your schedule, classes can be added individually by pressing the plus sign in the lower right of the app. After you have your classes, you can select a class to assign it the grade you expect to receive in the class. If you do this for each of your classes, your GPA will be estimated along the top of the app. To factor in your previous classes, click on previous info and enter your previous number of total credits and your quality points.