The CyRide is a bus system which travels throughout most of Ames. Along with routes that travel across campus, some routes can take you within walking distance of almost anywhere in Ames. ISU students can ride the bus for free with their student ID.

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Changing the selected bus route

You can change which bus route is shown on the map by selecting the route selection drop down menu on the left of the route tab (iOS) or by selecting the bus button (Android). From here, you can select the route by number and color. You can click on the route color and number you want to see then select which direction you would like to go.

Map symbols

The bus route will be drawn on the map along the path which it follows in the color of the route. The dots of the same color along the route are all of the bus stops. By selecting one of these stops, you will see predictions for the current bus route you have selected along with predictions for other routes using the same stop. The white circle with an arrow is the location of a bus along the route you selected and the arrow points in the direction the bus is traveling.

Viewing schedule for selected route

You can find the list by clicking on the 'Schedule' button in the right of the route tab (iOS) or pressing the schedule button in the bottom right (Android). From here you are able to select a new route, a different stop, and the day of the week. The list will show the schedule for your selections

Centering the map on your current location

Press the crosshair button on the bottom right of the map. This button will center the map on your location, however, it will not zoom to fit the bus route; therefore, you may not be able to see the bus route afterward.