Dashboard is your information landing spot. Your home for the important bits from each modules. The entire dashboard is customizable showing information that is entirely personal and useful for you.

Using the MyState global search

To search for nearly anything in MyState, tap the search icon in the top right corner. From here you can either search everything, or narrow it down based on the icons along the bottom of the search bar.

Customizing your dashboard

To customize the dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and tap on 'Dashboard Settings'. From here you can order the widgets, disable widgets, and customize more settings.

Viewing more information

Dashboard contains small bits of helpful info, but sometimes you need to see more. You can easily tap on the top of a module widget to take you right to the corresponding module. However, you can also tap on an element inside a widget to view more info. If you have a 3D Touch enabled device you can also 3D touch on an element to peek into more info.