In the dining tab, you can find information about the dining centers around campus. You can look up information about the dining centers including hours, menu, and location. After finding a dining center you like, the app can even plot the location on the map module.

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Times and menus for dining centers

When the dining module opens, there is a list of dining centers on campus. You can scroll through and find the dining center you would like to know times for and click on it. From here, you can see the times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By scrolling farther down, you can view the menu for each meal at this dining station.

Viewing the dining centers near me

From the main menu of the dining tab select the icon in the top right corner of the app. From here, you can change the sorting of the dining centers from alphabetical to near me.

Finding a dining center

By selecting the location, you can scroll down to the info section. From here, there will be information regarding what type of dining center they are, what type of food they have and even about special discounts they may offer as well a map pin. Clicking on the map pin will drop that dining location in the map.