The directory is a portal to the ISU database of students on campus. The directory also features contact information for faculty and many departments on campus.

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Information on the Directory

It is possible to find students and faculty in the directory. There is also information about the departments and their points of contact in the directory. The directory only includes information for those who have not suppressed their info on AccessPlus.

Searching for people

You can search for someone by clicking on search button on the top of the screen. Also, you can click on the 'search people' button. If someone you are trying to look for is not listed, it is possible the person requested to not have their information in the public directory.

Accessing information about departments

You can search through the departments using the search departments button. Also, by scrolling through the directory, you are able to view the various departments and colleges. To select a department, just click on it and the app will show you how to contact people in the department.