The laundry tab is a resource for students in the dorms which allows for checking the status of the laundry machines in their building. You can use this section of the app to check when machines are open, both dryers and washers, or even to check the status of your own laundry.

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Finding nearby machines

Tap on the button in the top right of the app. From here, you can sort alphabetically or by proximity. Click on near me and the list will update and be sorted by proximity.

Setting a timer for a machine

Select the desired location. There will be a list of machines. If the machine is not available, there will be a timer for how long until the machine is done. If you click on the machine you want a timer for, you will be prompted to set a timer.

Unresponsive Machines

A machine becomes unresponsive when it stops communicating with the app. The machine may be turned off or it may be experiencing difficulty getting information to the app. The machine may still be in working condition and the connection should be fixed shortly.