The Photostream is an ever-changing flow of pictures from around the university submitted to the ISU Photostream website.

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Changing Photostream display categories

Change the photos in the Photostream by selecting the top right 'Categories' menu button. From here, you can choose whether you see the most recent, most popular, or other categories of pictures.

Sharing Photostream photos

Select a photo you wish to share. From the photo detail page select the top right 'Share' button. A share sheet will be displayed and you can select the best suited option.

Setting a photo as your Dashboard background

You may also select any photo from the Photostream to use as your dashboard background photo. To do this, tap on the photo you wish to use. On the photo detail page press the 'Use on Dashboard' button. If you change your mind, you can simply press the 'Remove from Dashboard' button or visit Dashboard settings and press 'Reset to Default' on the Customize Dashboard page.